Moving Image day 71 17.5.2017

Character designs of St. Michael & Evil assistant.


This is my only feeling , Everything is just like coming together. There still have so much to do but I have less than 2 weeks left. So bad.

In today lesson I am working on with the character design of St. Michael & Evil assistant. I put less focus on this 2 character design as they are not the main character and it is nearly the deadline. So I just directly draw the final outcome for them.


This is the character design of St. Michael. I am referenceing to my primary image. I using a really simplify style. As I think it will be good to show the  identity directly. So I am using the most common father clothing on St. Michael’s character design. Other than this I use a curly hair to make the charatcer be more interesting and having a better visual effect. Personally I love this design, It created a contrast between the beautiful curly hair and the offical father clothing.

About the evil assistan, I have created 2 version for her which is a offical Nun clothing and one sexy ver. is a defromation from nun clothing. I really love this design as I think it has strongly show the idea of evil under the cover of nun. In my idea, Evil is ugly and I made in sexy deformed ny the nun clothing . So I really love it. As the vusial effect is so so so strong! I really love it .


Moving Image day 70 15.5.2017

Wings design, Final version of Lucifer and tutorial

I have finished my Wing designs and the final version of Lucifer in this lesson and also at the weekend.

I drew 3 different design of wings which is a more angelic white wing , a dark simplify version and a bat type wings. I think these the most iconic wings that also appear on Lucifer. Personally, I am more interested in the classical feather wings as there will have a more beautiful texture in the up coming modeling. So I would like to combine the 1 design and the second one . As I love the detail of the first design and the colour pattern in the second design. And I am using digital drawing on the wings design as would like to try out the texture expression of it. And I pretty like it  look good which is fast and easy to used.

About my final version, I have use digital drawing skill again. I am quit satisfied for the whole design as I think there a goos colouring style and the clothing and other are suitable for Lucifer.


I am really happy with the hair style and the facial design as they have successful transfer between the evil and angelic style. I based on the design on my chosen christianity clothing on and I add the eye shadow and made the hair style all back to transfer to evil form. I really love the outcome which I never imagine that it will be so successful.

I have also presented these 2 version with wings. I am drawing 3 pair of wing as Lucifer is the seraphim before his rebelling.  So I have present the 6 wings with 2 different versions.

Additionally, Today we are having the tutorial. Honestly, I know I am run of time and I can so panic to think about How dare I can finish all the things. But life is still going on, and I still need to work…… It feeling so bad to stay over night again and again. I think having a high qulity work is important and finish it also important too. It is really difficult to do these all together.Ben given me some opinion on my wirk mostly about the descriptopn, So I will full in all the things and mind me in the coming page.


Moving Image day 69 11.5.2017

character designs colouring

I feel so try as I am really scared now as I feel I am so much behind. 200_s

Today I have only finish all the drafting for my main character Lucifer. So I change my plan. I decide to only do one detail design for my character lucifer and make a more rough one for the Evil assistance and St. Michael . So I will like to add in the wing design and a final version of lucifer with the detail combination of wing by using digital drawing skill. So I can do less skillful and detail drawing but at the same time reach the standard of 20 page character design with more detail and high quality.


I drew five designs of Lucifer’s casual look. This is the one that I would like to choose for my casual clothing design as I think it is quit common and look modern. I think is will be an outfit that be more reasonable to appear in the story under a modern setting background. Other than this I think this a really suitable for Lucifer character setting as a rebelling angel. He look sexy but not because of the sext outfit showing the muscle. I think this outfit is really charming which is definitely Lucifer’s style.

However the facial and hair design is a bit different to the chosen christianity uniform design . So I will think about how to combine them in the final version.

About colouring, I have used many different material such as colour pencil, marker pen, watercolour…… I hope to explore and play with different material which can show the different visual expression presented by different material. And this is help to me for chosen the material that I am going to used at my final outcome.

Moving Image day 68 10.5.2017

character designs

In today I am going to work on my character design. I have finish some in Tuesday. In my planning I would like to create 10 different design for my main character Lucifer in 2 version which is casual clothing and official christianity uniform. As I would like to put my attention to develop my main character more. Other than this I would like to create 5 for the evil assistant and 5 for St. Michael .

I would to do all the line drawing draft first which I think it will be more efficiency and I can have a choice on doing the coloring process or not.

About christianity uniform, I am referenced to the official clothing that will help audiences to go in the story as I am creating base on reality. SO this will have audiences recognize that is somethings about christianity.

I have finished all the official christianity uniform designs. This is my favourite one as it look simple and beautiful. I am reference to the medieval time illustration. At the same time it is so gorgeous and luxury (by the pattern) which is just fixed to christianity background setting and also Lucifer own character background as he is the lord of hell and the former angel. The facial design is pretty and benevolent which is a face that really suitable to stay in the church at the same time Luicfer is the only falling angel that glory appearence didn’t destory . Everythings there look suitable for lucifer.So I think this will be my coming choice for this version.

Other I love the colour of this design which is in the dark blue tone which is in a dark style and it is quite evil.


Moving Image day 67 8.5.2017

Concept art

In today, I am going on to work with my concept art. I asked Ben about the standard of getting merit and it was more than number list in the check. Therefore I would like to do more concept art in different material. As I have to have merit to go in the university.QAQ

Being very honest , it is very difficult to create more design as there previous one mostly used all my mind. I think my previous design is mostly focus on Lucifer. So I decide to put my attention on other characters that will appear in my story.


This is the one I drew about the evil . I think evil will be sexy. I get my inspiration form the character design in Hitman. So I will like to deform the sister’s uniform in a sexy way.  As to show that in my story she is playing as a sister in the church . And I used marker pen to do the colourng . I think marking pen can create a high colour value which will be very attractive.


Next, I created an installation of different object such as the cross, White rose ,Hexagram and Skeleton.This is a concept art I would like to reference for my location design. In this concept, it is influence by the music video ‘Fool’ . I would like to show my try on combining the object form these two different area and the possible installation in my location design. I am using water color on it as to create a beautiful watery brushstroke.


In this concept art, I am working on the design of St. Michael.  Honestly,I think this a boring one . As it is too common. But I have no idea already QAQ. I am using color pencil to colour the main character and the fancy gold and sliver colour in wing and background. As to make St. Michael look luxury and fancy as to sit the character setting.


This is the concept,  I am drawing the angel wings with blood . I would like to use this to represent the concept of rebelling of Lucifer. As the pure white wing is a symbol of angel and the bloody end and show as the cutting of and giving up the identity of angel. I think it is quit simple but representative as it is the most significate symbol of angel and Lucifer is  a rebelling angel.

I found that I am really behind and I give my work , I will finish all my character design in this week and started modeling in the next week.

Moving Image day 66 4.5.2017


Today I am catching my blog started from 27.3.2017. And there still have 15 blog entry have to go on.I39m-GONNA--DIE--meme-29460

I really hate typing , If it is write on a notebook I believe , I will do it every day. It is really a sad story for me to do all this in a weekend. But thankful for god , He give me a good memory so I still remember what I have done. As I need a merit to get into university so I need to do a good quality of blog posts too.

For the coming day, I will finish my blog every of sure.

moving Image day 65 3.5.2017

character research character research and weekly assessment

In the weekend I have finished the last two character research which is hair style and the casual clothing research. As in my primary research people usually in a very similar style . So I done the hair style research as to let my character design having more different reference.

About the casual as I think in my story Lucifer won’t always wear the christianity clothing as he is a evil. However in my primary images I think there didn’t having some good references for me . So I done a section of casual clothing research as to have more different style clothing reference.

Additionally, I started my character too . I started form Lucifer and I making a brief drawing first as to select the good one and do the detail modify of it. IMG_5590

It is really very brief. And I would like to create 3 from of Lucifer which is the one wing , wearing christianity clothing and casual clothing.

In today , We are mainly doing the assessment. Honestly , it is very scaredy for me as I know I am so much behind. Particularly when Aki and Elvira presenting their works. They are almost finish and now they are working with storyborad already . It just made me panic.IMG_5592IMG_5591

But it is happy that the quality of work I done I quit good . I only need to catch my my blog and do more concept art. So I will definitely finish that in weekend and start my catching up for my character design and all the other things next week!