Moving Image day 78 1.6.2017

It is really rush so I have not sleep in this day. I feel really bad for this. And I feel sorry for my model as I think if I have more time I can have a more high quality outcome with the texture feeling other than just the human form. Other than this I can do more development on the fabric texture. As I think the texture now is too thick and more likely   to clay. But I think it maybe good enough to finish a model in this quality at this short period of time.

Other than this I made a movie trailer of my design. As I have created a movie trailer  for my story . As to explain my synopsis and show more for my character design.Additionally I would like to show scenes of Lucifer wings which I think it is the most attractive part of the whole story.

I am quite satisfied for animation . As I think it already the best I can done for one night with a 1 minute trailer with a detail background and a smooth movement.


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