Moving Image day 75 25.5.2017

Location and Storyboarding


Deadline is coming and I am going to be the dead man .

In today I am working with the other location design . I have draw an other detail on of a secret preying room for Lucifer. As I would like to made it appear in my movie trailer. Am I would like to used it directly in my story trailer. So I used more time on these and do the colouring.


It is inspired by my concept art. It is a secret praying room that having the cross with skeleton. Personal, I believe the main reason that Lucifer rebelled heaven is because of Jesus . So I would like to use these skeleton to show my opinion and bring back the  core idea of the whole project ” God love world” . I am using it as a metaphor to show my judging on this question.

And I like visual effect which look great with the light. Also the room created a contrast to the whole environment.

I have also roughly drawn some location design in side the church.

I am drawing the public area in this drawing. As it would not appear in my trailer so it is a really rough piece. These are the area that every can get in when they go to church. And I would like to do the whole setting to the church so the made my story be more reality. So this open area will be essential to draw. I am reference to the image I took in church combine with my first design which use to adjust the window placement.

I think they quite suitable together as they have the similar used which is worship. I  am making it look like every other church as these place will help to feign the place to a real church.


As my main character is Lucifer so I also create a location design of his bedroom in church. As I think bedroom always be the place that reflect people interest and experience. So I got an interesting idea on making Lucifer room look really simple . It is because I hope to inspired people on the idea of Lucifer inner thinking , god or the society. “Simple” is definitely not related to Lucifer whether he is the Angel of evil. So why will he has these Minimalism style room ? I would like to show his struggle on being an evil and his fondly on heaven. But there are a door having a symbol of evil to show his identity now that present the idea of even you are struggles but you cannot change the fate and the choice you made.


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