Moving Image day 74 24.5.2017

location designs and Tutorial

shit-is-lb6rzi(my face now)

Oh my god, one week left. I am going crazy. QAQ

Today, I am working on my own location design. I started form the really detail outlook which is because I hope I can directly used this drawing as the long shot to show to location and given audience an idea where story happening.


I am quit satisfied with it. As I think the already the best think that I can done in a day with such a complex structure and those difficult window. I special didn’t add in many cross and the angel status as these is a church for Lucifer, The lord of hell which will be not suitable to place those decoration in. So I used the christianity style window to represent the idea “church”

In today we have the tutorial time too. Ben help me too check my progress. And I found that there still have so much to work on such as the loction and the storyboard and also the modeling. How can I finish all this things in one week……But I will really try my best to finsh it!!





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