Moving Image day 73 22.5.2017

Contextual Essay and Location Design


I feel the count down but I am still in the location . ARRRRRRRR I am already a died men… (crying)

In today I giving my essay to ben for a checking as I need a merit for my university. However there have soooooo much to change (sad face) As I am using more about my own idea and write a academic essay have to have the sources support. So I have to find the source to support all the “I think” inside. Em, I feel bad for it as I am running out of time and I have to using more time to correct it QAQ. So next time I will finish in a really high quality! (or have a better time control)

In the afternoon, I started my location design. I begin with printing out all my primary image which is the most important reference source. I have took the image of different church in Cambridge and London. As Church is the main place in the story!

And than I have research which will be RMBY, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Hitman , Assassin Creed’s and the stained glass.

Personally I think RMBY ‘s location modelling is suitable for my situation now. As it is simple to make but with a strong visual effect. I think it is so smart. As artist is just create the window and used the light relationship to create the complex lighting effect and enrich the location. At the same time it will be easy to made so I will liked to created some kind of location like that.

And I like the presentation style of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony which is layering up the 2D image to create the 3D effect.

Other than this , in Hitman , Assassin Creed’s have the modeling of church too which will be good to reference during modeling.

So I have also research for stained glass which is one of the icon of church so I think it is essential to research form it .


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