Moving Image day 72 18.5.2017

contextual essay 

In today lesson, I am working on the contextual essay which I have to hand in in next Tuesday. It is really difficult beacuse I am working in the topic of “How does Lucifer Iconography influence by background information.” This is really a large topic which link to the christianity background that is really huge and informative thing. So it will be difficult on  what kind of track that I would like to going on. I would like to separate my essay into 3 part by time which is the ancient , medieval and modern to analysis how does Lucifer Iconography influence by background information.

I think this essay is really help for for my location design and the presentation of my outcome as I will have a deeper understand of Lucifer identity and how does it linked to the background and christianity. So I can an idea of lucifer’s situation and create a presentation that people agreed with.

Also during the process , It help me to have more understand on christianity which is beneficial for my location design as usually Church is historical . So if I would like to created a new church , it has to have many reference.


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