Moving Image day 78 1.6.2017

It is really rush so I have not sleep in this day. I feel really bad for this. And I feel sorry for my model as I think if I have more time I can have a more high quality outcome with the texture feeling other than just the human form. Other than this I can do more development on the fabric texture. As I think the texture now is too thick and more likely   to clay. But I think it maybe good enough to finish a model in this quality at this short period of time.

Other than this I made a movie trailer of my design. As I have created a movie trailer  for my story . As to explain my synopsis and show more for my character design.Additionally I would like to show scenes of Lucifer wings which I think it is the most attractive part of the whole story.

I am quite satisfied for animation . As I think it already the best I can done for one night with a 1 minute trailer with a detail background and a smooth movement.


Moving Image day 77 31.5.2017


In today , I am working on the modelling. This is the brand new technique for me and I have to finish it in 2 days…………. It is really scary . How can I finish my final in a day which is a new software that I have never used… I feeling sad .QAQ

Luckily I have started to watch the tutorial a week before. So even this is a new software, I have a basic understanding on this software.

I started on build up the human body structure first, Honestly, It is such a difficult process for me . As I have never used it before. And I struggle on separating the object layer, different tool and even the basic movement. It is helpless for me as no one know how to use it so I try my best to fix it by  myself. So I really learn a lot in this process.

螢幕快照 2017-06-05 下午1.21.40

Moving Image day 76 29.5.2017


In today , I am working on the Storyboard. I have started form a rough piece as to help me with the angle and body inside.


As I didn’e really have the realy outcome for the whole animation so in my trailer I would like to show the core part . So about the trailer I am tell audience about Lucifer is feign a father in church. And he take of his clothing and go to hel to have a meeting there.

I am quite satisifed with my outcome as it’s already a High standard for me when I have such a limited time. I have used different angle and different shot which is not only close. So I think it is already a good job for me . And I have used my location desing and my character design in it . I feel good

Moving Image day 75 25.5.2017

Location and Storyboarding


Deadline is coming and I am going to be the dead man .

In today I am working with the other location design . I have draw an other detail on of a secret preying room for Lucifer. As I would like to made it appear in my movie trailer. Am I would like to used it directly in my story trailer. So I used more time on these and do the colouring.


It is inspired by my concept art. It is a secret praying room that having the cross with skeleton. Personal, I believe the main reason that Lucifer rebelled heaven is because of Jesus . So I would like to use these skeleton to show my opinion and bring back the  core idea of the whole project ” God love world” . I am using it as a metaphor to show my judging on this question.

And I like visual effect which look great with the light. Also the room created a contrast to the whole environment.

I have also roughly drawn some location design in side the church.

I am drawing the public area in this drawing. As it would not appear in my trailer so it is a really rough piece. These are the area that every can get in when they go to church. And I would like to do the whole setting to the church so the made my story be more reality. So this open area will be essential to draw. I am reference to the image I took in church combine with my first design which use to adjust the window placement.

I think they quite suitable together as they have the similar used which is worship. I  am making it look like every other church as these place will help to feign the place to a real church.


As my main character is Lucifer so I also create a location design of his bedroom in church. As I think bedroom always be the place that reflect people interest and experience. So I got an interesting idea on making Lucifer room look really simple . It is because I hope to inspired people on the idea of Lucifer inner thinking , god or the society. “Simple” is definitely not related to Lucifer whether he is the Angel of evil. So why will he has these Minimalism style room ? I would like to show his struggle on being an evil and his fondly on heaven. But there are a door having a symbol of evil to show his identity now that present the idea of even you are struggles but you cannot change the fate and the choice you made.

Moving Image day 74 24.5.2017

location designs and Tutorial

shit-is-lb6rzi(my face now)

Oh my god, one week left. I am going crazy. QAQ

Today, I am working on my own location design. I started form the really detail outlook which is because I hope I can directly used this drawing as the long shot to show to location and given audience an idea where story happening.


I am quit satisfied with it. As I think the already the best think that I can done in a day with such a complex structure and those difficult window. I special didn’t add in many cross and the angel status as these is a church for Lucifer, The lord of hell which will be not suitable to place those decoration in. So I used the christianity style window to represent the idea “church”

In today we have the tutorial time too. Ben help me too check my progress. And I found that there still have so much to work on such as the loction and the storyboard and also the modeling. How can I finish all this things in one week……But I will really try my best to finsh it!!




Moving Image day 73 22.5.2017

Contextual Essay and Location Design


I feel the count down but I am still in the location . ARRRRRRRR I am already a died men… (crying)

In today I giving my essay to ben for a checking as I need a merit for my university. However there have soooooo much to change (sad face) As I am using more about my own idea and write a academic essay have to have the sources support. So I have to find the source to support all the “I think” inside. Em, I feel bad for it as I am running out of time and I have to using more time to correct it QAQ. So next time I will finish in a really high quality! (or have a better time control)

In the afternoon, I started my location design. I begin with printing out all my primary image which is the most important reference source. I have took the image of different church in Cambridge and London. As Church is the main place in the story!

And than I have research which will be RMBY, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Hitman , Assassin Creed’s and the stained glass.

Personally I think RMBY ‘s location modelling is suitable for my situation now. As it is simple to make but with a strong visual effect. I think it is so smart. As artist is just create the window and used the light relationship to create the complex lighting effect and enrich the location. At the same time it will be easy to made so I will liked to created some kind of location like that.

And I like the presentation style of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony which is layering up the 2D image to create the 3D effect.

Other than this , in Hitman , Assassin Creed’s have the modeling of church too which will be good to reference during modeling.

So I have also research for stained glass which is one of the icon of church so I think it is essential to research form it .

Moving Image day 72 18.5.2017

contextual essay 

In today lesson, I am working on the contextual essay which I have to hand in in next Tuesday. It is really difficult beacuse I am working in the topic of “How does Lucifer Iconography influence by background information.” This is really a large topic which link to the christianity background that is really huge and informative thing. So it will be difficult on  what kind of track that I would like to going on. I would like to separate my essay into 3 part by time which is the ancient , medieval and modern to analysis how does Lucifer Iconography influence by background information.

I think this essay is really help for for my location design and the presentation of my outcome as I will have a deeper understand of Lucifer identity and how does it linked to the background and christianity. So I can an idea of lucifer’s situation and create a presentation that people agreed with.

Also during the process , It help me to have more understand on christianity which is beneficial for my location design as usually Church is historical . So if I would like to created a new church , it has to have many reference.